Our Mission and Purpose

Every day, we’re passionately pursuing the opportunity to redefine the way drugs are discovered. At Belharra, we are disrupting the drug discovery paradigm using our novel photoaffinity-based chemoproteomic platform. Our mission is to lead the next wave of drug discovery by making it possible to target any binding site, on any protein, in any cell type.

We envision a world where the entire proteome is druggable, and no disease is untreatable. We are led by this shared purpose, and together, we are boldly advancing chemoproteomics, and, ultimately, improving the human experience.

For over a decade, this vision has been building. It’s required the right people, the right tools, and the right approach to coalesce. But now, the idea, technology, team, and track record to translate this vision into reality have converged. And an epic ride is beginning.

The Belharra Difference

We’ve united a diverse and talented team that is pursuing the opportunity to do something truly different with a unique approach for bench-to-clinic drug discovery and development. Guided by proven leadership, we’re distinctly positioned to enable therapeutics for previously impossible to treat conditions. For us, tackling big goals is what makes life worth living. And it’s what sets us apart.

The Belharra difference means…

Taking A New Approach to Therapeutics Discovery

Our unique library can probe non-traditional binding sites in an unbiased manner. Unlike previous chemoproteomics strategies, our library binds non-covalently to protein targets moving into novel druggable space, allowing greater potential for translation. We use proteomics and informatics capabilities to perform high-throughput screening across the entire proteome or focus on a specific protein-of-interest, in a real-world, cellular context. Together, our unique platform has identified hits against previously “undruggable” targets.

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Driven by Diversity and Technical Talent

Collaboration between our talented medicinal chemists, proteomics experts, data scientists and chemical biologists is what powers our drug discovery platform. Together, we are focused on a common goal: delivering transformative, first-in-class medicines for patients suffering from the most serious diseases by merging innovative biology, medicinal chemistry, and bioinformatics approaches to drug discovery. Our collaborative approach is enabling us to tackle drug discovery in vital areas – immunology and oncology – and extends to our external partners.

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Leading the Way with a Proven and Experienced Team

We’ve unified a group of industry leaders with the right traits to drive us toward accomplishing our mission and turning our vision into a reality. We’re expanding our potential by bringing in the best and brightest up-and-coming talent and aspire to make a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of patients.

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