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We’ve created a platform that’s changing the way drug discovery is performed. But to unleash its full potential and deliver game-changing therapeutics to patients, we know that our team is key.

Driven by Data, Led by Purpose, Powered by our People

To build a great company, we need to be different. Our approach to drug discovery is different and so is our approach to people. We look beyond experience and education; beyond what you’ve done and what we need you to do today. We are hiring for people and potential; seeking a special kind of talent with the ability to express creative excellence through science, the resolve to be fearlessly innovative, and the desire to be a part of something bigger.

On our crew, there are no egos. We’re all in it together and we’re determined to unleash a pipeline of possibilities for drug developers and patients. From our founders to our investors to our executive management to our scientists, we all agree that our success starts with our people. Our people fuel our potential, so we are creating an environment where you can succeed today, grow, and develop as Belharra does.

A Talented Team, Solving Big Problems

Inspiring science is sparked by inspired people. Our energy, company values, and love of science are infused from the top down and shared by every member of the team. Take a look at how our fun-loving, energetic, and diverse team spend their time in and out of the lab.

Collective Purpose, Collective Impact

At Belharra, we believe in the power of our people, our collective potential, and the importance of collaboration. Our diverse and talented team of chemists, biologists, proteomics, and data scientists is teeming with deep expertise, knowledge, and creativity. And they want to share it. Because big problems, like redefining “undruggable,” don’t get solved in a vacuum. They require vision, thoughtful interaction, curiosity and learning, a diverse and inclusive crew, and an out-of-the-box mindset.

Our Culture

Imagine being in a place where you are supported and loved (yes, we said it!). A place where you are seen and valued for your uniqueness. Where you can put your gifts and passion to use every day.

Imagine a place where you learn every day. Where excitement about pushing the science and expanding the platform is palpable.

Imagine a place driven by curiosity – with both the appetite to explore “what could be” and the talent and determination to bring to life the possibilities.

That place exists. That place is Belharra – and this is what it feels like to be a part of our crew.

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Join our crew! Come ride the next wave of drug discovery with us.