Unleashing the potential of our people and chemoproteomic platform…because patients are waiting!

Committed to EXCELLENCE

Bring our best in all we do. Always learning and growing. Unafraid to challenge one another and bring forward provocative ideas. Willing to push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones.

Energized by INNOVATION

Dare to be bold. Embrace risk. Think outside-the-box. Be curious and creative in all we do – from our science to our ways of working.

Built upon TRUST

Say what we mean and do what we say. Honor our commitments. Make space for others. Model transparency, respect, and integrity.

Passionate about IMPACT

Purpose led. Data-driven, quality science. Laser-focused on results – because meaningful advances in medicines change lives for good. Patients are waiting!

Connected through TEAMWORK

Individuals who belong. Together, we are part of something bigger, accomplish more, and always have more fun! Every single one of us plays a role in our collective impact.

A company’s values can serve as a point of connection, supporting the company’s mission and vision and playing an important role in shaping the culture and vibe. Values are a collective way of thinking and behaving – the principles and beliefs that guide how we operate. Values can be extremely powerful and uniting – strengthening the sense of commitment and purpose in a workplace. Or they can be fancy words on a page.

At Belharra, we developed our values as a team, just before our first anniversary as a company. As a result, they truly are a cornerstone for all that we do. We decided, together, how we want to interact with one another and how we want to approach our science. We are committed to ensuring they remain much more than words on a page.

These values are our gold standard. They sum up what we stand for and how and why we do what we do. Our values give our People and Science the best chance of succeeding together.

This is how we do it.

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