High-Value Targets, Now Within Reach

Of the ~5,000 proteins involved in human disease, only about 600 have been successfully targeted with small molecule therapeutics. That leaves a vast proportion of the proteome unexplored and a big catalog of targets on drug developers’ wish lists.

At Belharra Therapeutics, we’re deconstructing and redefining the “undruggable” moniker. Using our unique chemoproteomics approach, we identify functional and actionable ligands against high-value protein targets.

With our optimized screening process, we’re using our powerful library of drug-like molecular probes as starting points for medicinal chemistry efforts and building out a robust lead program.

Belharra Screening Platform

Actionable ligands for functional pockets on proteins without previously established binding sites.

An Early-Stage Pipeline, Endless Possibilities

Our ligand library has successfully targeted a broad spectrum of different protein classes, including transcription factors, channels, transporters, receptors, chaperones, and more. We’ve used our platform to discover novel small molecule pockets and novel protein function modulators, further proof of our chemoproteomics approach.

Let’s Share a Wave

We are focused on discovering drug-like starting points for the highest-value targets in oncology and immunology. But we are also actively building partnerships with drug developers, in broad therapeutic areas, looking to discover the world’s next transformational medicine. Our team of trailblazing biologists, chemists, proteomics and bioinformatics pros is stacked with deep technical expertise.

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