Stuart Schreiber, Ph.D.
Stuart Schreiber, Ph.D.
Professor, Harvard University
Co-founder, Broad Institute

Stuart Schreiber is the Morris Loeb Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, a co-Founder of the Broad Institute, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medicine and American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

His lab integrates chemical biology and human biology to advance the science of therapeutics. He is known for having developed systematic ways to explore biology, especially disease biology, using small molecules and for his role in the development of the field of chemical biology. Key advances include the discovery that small molecules can function as “molecular glues” that promote protein–protein interactions, the co-discovery of mTOR and its role in nutrient-response signaling, and the discovery of histone deacetylases and that chromatin marks regulate gene expression. His approach to therapeutics discovery guided the development of many successful biotechnology companies that he founded, including Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Ariad Pharmaceuticals. His research has been acknowledged through awards including the Wolf Prize in Chemistry.

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